Tuesday, November 8, 2011

i shall call this "i'm a loser today"

Wanna here how my morning went?

1. Woke up late (cold morning+warm bed=LAZY BONES)

2. Remembered to grab the lunch i made last--score!

3. Substitute mailman put the mail through the door yesterday resulting in in me stepping on it and slipping.

4. Me slipping on said mail=me falling very hard onto my back

5. Alarm at the store going off before i could disable it.

6. Receiving calls from the alarm company making sure everything is okay and then having to walk me through the steps to turn it off.

7. The police showing up, and having to give a tour of the store to make sure nobody was hiding in the back making me say everything was okay.



i'm blogging at work! on MY laptop! something went right today...hallelujah.

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