Sunday, November 6, 2011

October 2011

Seriously, i need my computer back. LOL its my own fault for not having it at the moment, but geez! You really cant blog at all when you have no internet access.

I have some catching up to do! and guess what?! PICTURES! (miracles do happen, see?)

I know i have posted in October, so its not like you havent heard from me. But lets just recap.

Ran in the Race for the Cure again :) 5 years that mom is cancer free! got some news at the end of oct saying that she tested positive for a cancer gene and now has to have a hysterectomy. We're sure that all will be well, and have great faith in her surgeons.

I have been working long days and to make sure i dont die, jace has been making me lunches. isnt he just such a cute mom?? ;)

Baby sat the 3 musketeers one night while my BIL Josh was in a play! We watched lots of movies, snuggled with aunt Andrea's stuffed animals, ate mac n cheese, read some books, and they all crashed on our bed. It was so cute.

I made Jace a mission shadowbox! Nothing fancy of course...but hes really happy with it.

Our pumpkins! This year Jace chose a smaller one because "it wouldnt take so long to clean out"...he realized his mistake later when he couldnt carve what he wanted to. He had to settle for the good old standby of "scary pumpkin face".

I on the other hand carved Frankie. :) Not my best...i like my mummy and tarantula better, but it was fun carving him!

My costume! Who am i? If you say Dorothy i will punch you in the head. I'm Wendy from Wendy's! I later added freckles and a wendy's bag.
(Jace was Jack from Jack in the Box--hilarious.)
I dont have a picture currently of Jace...but you could check out the busybeelauren blog... she had a good picture and Jace has some on his phone.

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