Sunday, March 12, 2017


This word...taxes...brings such a response from my mind and body.

Panic. Anxiety. Frustration. Fear. Worry. Confusion.

Jace never helps me with the taxes. He would have NO idea what to do. So its all on my shoulders and that is so stressful! I am constantly feared with worry that I've left something out, figured the numbers wrong, and that somehow the government is going to fine me some substantial amount and take my home.

Seems a little silly right? Thats what anxiety does to me. I take one thing that isnt such a big deal, but over time, my worry makes it into something BIG.

My tax appointment is Tuesday. I have done NOTHING to prepare for that appointment yet. We've been sick at our house for weeks, Nash hasnt been sleeping, I've had events to do and lots of photoshoots and editing to worry about. Not to mention my brother being in the hospital and my lack of motivation.

I'm especially concerned because this is the first year that I'm needing to file for my business. Last year taxes (2015) I didnt make nearly enough to worry. 2016 was a different story. New things, the unknown=ANXIETY!!!

I'm sure it'll be fine. I always double and triple check for my taxes, but I'm basically going to be a hermit for the next day or two while I prepare these things. Wish me luck!!!

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