Monday, October 24, 2016


Today I put make up on. Too bad I was wearing yoga pants and an oversized Tshirt...

Today I loaded my little guy in the car for "errands" after he begged and pleaded to "not be home."

Today I bought a Thomas and Friends book because it was on sale and my son said "oh look momma! Thomas and friends!" and my heart melted.

Today I spent mucho dollars on Christmas trees and poinsettias for my Christmas photo setup.

Today Nashman saw the Christmas decorations and screamed "CHRISTMAS!!"

Today I got really excited for Christmas with him, since last year he had no clue what was going on.

Today I chased my child down as he ran away from the blow ups at the store (and screamed "no momma!! no snowman!!")

Today I dragged the same child off the parking lot floor while he was trying to crawl through my legs...and then stopping him with my leg as he almost got hit by a car who was parking way too close to me and going WAY too fast...

Today has been a weird day. Definitely not bad. Cant complain about that!

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