Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blah! Brown.

i grew up in a blue house.

in a blue room.

with blue shag carpet.

its the truth.

and I loved it.

my parents home had different colors in it. 

the game room was red, white, and blue. (until i was in high school)

my brother's room had red shag carpet (when we moved in).

however, the resounding color choice was BLUE. (it was my grandparents home and that was my grandmas favorite color. it is my mom's favorite color too, so it stayed.)

When i was in college, my mom convinced me to paint my room pink. 
She started adding some pretty brown/taupes to her brothers bathroom, her bathroom, her ROOM, the family room, etc.
I loved the change. 

When I got married, the home we rented was WHITE everything. 
White tile, cabinets, counters, walls (in most of the house). 
And i wasn't allowed to touch ANYTHING.

The next few places we lived, were white too, and then i painted with pretty taupes and browns.
We rented, so I ended up having to paint them back white, but it was what saved my sanity back then.

Last year we bought our first home.

the inside is ALL brown.

brown tile, brown cabinets, brown paint (in every single room), brown carpet, bronzed fixtures, brown and black counters, and black appliances.

Now, its been great. But its so not my style. Since then, we've added a cream rug and brown furniture. Brown tv cabinet and side tables, and a brown dining table.


i cant handle the brown!! its so blah! 

I need to incorporate more color into this home.

The fastest and easiest way is paint.

I'm open to favorite paint color suggestions!!


  1. I like teal with pretty much anything. :)

  2. In our last two places, we had the same problem! I hated living in my beige world. In our condo, I painted an awesome teal accent wall in our loft. It was bold and I loved it. In the next house, I fell in love with the light blue paint in the Dunphy's living room on Modern Family. So I stalked it out on the internet and found that it was Benjamin Moore Labrador Blue. I painted my living room that and it was so perfect. It didn't even look bad with the beige of the other walls, or the brown of my couches.Grey would have looked great with it too. I miss that color and have debated putting it somewhere in my new house too.


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