Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baby Eli

Oh handsome Eli! This sweet little fella came to my studio just shy of 5 weeks old! He was so awake the whole time, cooing at us, demanding to be fed, and refusing to be swaddled.

I dont blame him. I hate being hungry and I dont like to be covered up either :)

He had his big brother there too, and man oh man. Avery LOVES baby Eli. He was so excited to have a baby. When I asked him his favorite thing about having Eli as his brother, he responded with "Hes just so cute!!" 

I had such a good time working with this family and hopefully I'll see them again soon! Avery looked at me when they were leaving and said, "i'll probably see you next year because my mom needs to have another baby." ha! That was awesome.

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