Saturday, June 11, 2016

Baby Oliver

Little Oliver was 8 days old when I had the pleasure of meeting him. What a little stud muffin!! I have been so grateful for the opportunity to photograph babies lately. There is just something about a tiny baby that puts certain things into perspective for me. 

Oliver came with his brother Conrad...who DID NOT want his picture taken. Some battles just cant be won :) Through talking, we discovered that mom and dad work for Wells Fargo (like my husband!) and I just HAPPENED to have one of their "Nellie" stuffed animals. I had to make sure that got in there too. The last pose, was something dad had seen online and wanted to try...but Oliver was awake and NOT too thrilled with the idea. 

Oliver was FIGHTING sleep the whole session. Little guy just wanted to be part of the action and not miss out. Eventually he crashed hard and we got some very serene photographs.
 I just love working with babies!

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