Thursday, June 16, 2016


Yesterday was my birthday.

Over the last few birthday has been just another day.

I've had friends wish me happy birthday through Facebook, my parents sing me happy birthday on the phone, and my family gets together for chocolate cake.

Last year was a "bad" birthday. I had recently found out about Jace's addiction. I felt isolated, sad, and angry. He was offish. I didnt want to be around his family. My family didnt know what to do for me. So my mom took me and my SIL out to brunch and that was basically it...i think. I cant remember anything else happening. Seriously, total blank except for brunch. PTSD man.

This year, leading up to my birthday the weeks have been difficult. Its hot and miserable. Jace and I fought and I really was thinking that we were heading for divorce. We are both working hard to make money to pay off debt quicker. My son is energetic and needs alot from me.

However, Jace and I had a bit of an "ah ha" moment a few days before my birthday. Jace met with our bishop and things have been...relaxed for the most part. Jace did some "honey'dos" that i've had on my wish list for a year now. He and I cleaned all the night before so I could wake up to a clean house and not have to do anything. I had a good friend bring me a treat that morning. My mom babysat Nash so Jace and I could go to lunch alone. We had to call poison control because Nash decided to drink some Fabreeze (hes totally fine), Jace gave me a necklace that makes me think of Nash (his birthstone) that I love. My shoulders and feet got rubbed. I received Facebook messages from friends and family, a few text messages, and a card in the mail. :) My family went swimming with me and ate pizza (my favorite) and chocolate cake (also my favorite). I fell asleep early.

It was a good day.

I think it can be hard to do so, but we need to look for the good days. The world is crazy right now. This week alone there have been 3 tragedies in Orlando.

I'm grateful for another year here on this earth. I'm grateful to be a wife and mother, which has always been my dream. I'm grateful for the things I keep learning.

So, I'm excited to make this last year in my 20's good. Nothing spectacular has to happen...I just want to be able to fill it with good days. At least more good than not.

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  1. I'm so glad your birthday was good! I will probably be on bedrest, about to have a baby (and trying to keep her in there until -after- my birthday, haha), or already have a new baby, and be totally dealing with all that. So no expectations of this year, but looking forward to next year. It will be 35 for me (next year). You've got to celebrate that big, right? Because if not, you just cry a little bit, haha.


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