Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Life Lately

Oh boy. Can life be so busy and exhausting but at the same time monotonous and boring?!

Lately our little family has been BUSY.

My car "Cozey" that Jace has been using as his work car is dying a slow and painful death. My dad has been so wonderful to keep her chugging along, but she is really on her last leg. Jace and I have been working overtime to earn extra money to buy a new (to us) car.

The weather has been a mix of good and not so good. We have had some nice monsoons and the rain to go along with them. Nash and I have been going out in all the rain for a bit to play. But with the monsoons has come such heat and humidity that Ive been mostly miserable!! Plus now the mosquitos (quitos as nash calls them) are out and i'm being eaten alive!

A few weeks ago, late at night during a storm, Nash and I were outside playing. I walked on the sidewalk barefoot and stepped on something so sharp and painful!! I figured it was a pine needle from our neighbors tree. I got nash to bed and started digging into my foot with tweezers. I got some out. Over the next week, i was soaking in epsom salts every night, applying a baking soda paste to it every few days, and digging more stuff out with tweezers. I have been in pain, but not unmanageable and i KNEW that there was still something in my foot. I was just getting ready to make an appointment with my doctor (for fear of infection) when my leg started to throb. I kept checking to make sure I didnt have blood poisoning and I decided to just suck it up best as i could and performed a mini "surgery". I grabbed a razor blade and cut an X over the wound. I took clippers and took all the skin off and then i squeezed the end tip of a pine needle out of my foot. The relief was wonderful. My foot was sore and hurt from all the cutting i did, but it didnt throb and my leg started to feel better. That was 2 days ago and Im walking for the first time in weeks without pain!

My business has picked up alot over the summer! I've been photographing lots of new babies and their families. I seriously have been able to snuggle so many beautiful little angels.

My living room has become my studio...and its a disaster!! I miss having my big open room, but with all the babies, I needed a well lit room to fit their families and to have enough space for my stuff! Someday when we do our addition in the back, I'll have a great big studio with awesome lighting. Someday.

My mom has been amazing to watch nash when I have a photo shoot. I'm so grateful to my family-- they have been my biggest supporters in my business and have stepped up to help out.

Jace has been working longer hours lately. And then he has his addiction recovery meetings on wednesday nights, then works a second job on fridays and saturday nights. We only get to see him 4 days a week for an hour or 2 a night.

Poor Nash. He has been doing so well, and honestly is such a good little boy. He gets so bored with just me though. I play alot of the day with him (inside since its so hot!) and most days I try to take him to my parents to go swimming. He mostly loves to go visit "gamma and papa" and play with their cars, watch tom and jerry, and convince my dad to take him outside. He also loves to play with and bug joe. I think once the weather turns a bit nicer and we can spend more time outside, he'll be content with just me again :)

He has been saying the cutest things. Like he says "colorings" when he wants to draw or color, "sandy-castles" when he wants to play in sand, and "its slippering" when its wet and he slips. So freaking cute.

We have irrigation every 2 weeks in the summer. Nash hasnt played in it yet...because 1. i think its gross and 2. irrigation normally comes when he is asleep. Yesterday though, irrigation came an hour or so before his nap, so I went out with him for 45 minutes and played in our yard. He had a BLAST and took the BEST nap. Win win!

Nashman spiked a fever on Sunday and started throwing up. I was treating him with cool compresses, pedialyte, tylenol, and motrin. When he wasnt getting any better, and in fact his fever was rising, Monday night we took him to out pediatrician's twilight hours. The result? STREP THROAT. Poor baby!!! We had a few nights of not so great sleep, but the antibiotic and tylenol and motrin have been doing their job and he seems to be doing much better.

My blood pressure spiked on Sunday night too. I dont know from what for sure, but it hasnt gone down. And if you remember right, my blood pressure got so high during pregnancy that they thought I might have a stroke. So I went into my doctor yesterday and I'm back on blood pressure medication until I can get in to see my cardiologist and figure out what is going on.

We are going to be taking a few days to go up to our cabin. We cant go over Labor Day this year like we try to, so we'll be escaping for a few days.

And thats life lately. Lots of work, lots of playing with Nash, and lots of heat and indoor time right now. Boring, but busy!

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