Sunday, March 15, 2015

Grace Turns 8, Calvin Turns 1!

Grace Emberlyn Hunt made me an aunt almost 6 years ago.

(my wedding!--I found that dress online and I had to buy it for her!!)

The next April.

Grace is 3 and cute as can be!

Our special Aunt and Niece birthday date

Growing up into such a pretty young lady. 2014.

Valentines Day 2015.

She had just turned 2 when Jace and I started dating--and we were engaged just 2 months after that!

She is such a character--lots of funny stories, cute phrases, such imaginative adventures. She is the queen bee of the Hunt cousins...loving to be the boss and considering herself one of the grown ups.

8 is a very special birthday as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It means that she is technically accountable and can be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. Grace made the decision to be baptized. It was a fun week--her birthday is on the 7th so we had a family get together that Sunday (where we opened presents, ate yummy cake, and roasted marshmallows outside), and then her baptism was on the 14th (just yesterday!) 

Our nephew Calvin's birthday is the 14th as well (Calvin, his parents, and grandma van came into town) and so we had quite the weekend full of family togetherness! 

Yesterday we started by celebrating Calvin's 1st birthday!!! Its pi day so it was sciency. His mom Jennifer did a few experiments for the kiddos and we watched calvin eat cake and open some presents. Then we all went and got ready for the baptism!!

Jeff, Graces dad, baptized her and confirmed her a member of the Church. It was very sweet. While we were all together I insisted on pictures. Not sure if the Hunts love or hate that about me...oh well. I like to document. :)

So here they are...all the pictures. Starting with Grace's birthday celebration on Sunday and going up to the baptism. Fun times.

Now on to Calvins birthday!!

And now Grace's Baptism...

Isnt she beautiful?!

(Nash is having issues with Calvin this trip...)

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