Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Over it.

I feel like the worlds worst blogger/employee/wife/homemaker.

This last trimester has kicked me in the booty.

I'm tired all the time. Now that Nash is moving like a maniac (which i LOVE by the way) he is keeping me up at night. For most of the night. Which makes getting up in the mornings for work a nightmare. Literally.

Then I sit at work and watch as my feet swell and my back spasm and feel unappreciated.

Then I go home and am too tired to make something for dinner. Which results in fast food, or cereal/PB&J's at home.

Then I fall asleep on the couch for a couple of hours until my husband says its time for bed, then go to bed only to not sleep now. Also, was told last night that I needed to prop my head up more so I stopped snoring...its keeping husband up. (By the one told me that snoring was a pregnancy symptom until a few weeks ago. Heads up for you ladies out there that havent been pregnant before.)

Then I dont sleep, and get to do it all over again.

I'm so lame! I'm so over it. I think that if I wasnt working a full time job as well as being hugely pregnant, then I might not feel so lame because I might be able to rest more during the day and also clean my home or make a meal. Also, I'm over being a complainer! :) Guess I needed to vent today.


  1. haha... my husband has been complaining for weeks about my snoring. I didn't believe him because i have never snored before being pregnant, but now that you mentioned it as a all makes sense :)

  2. Hey Sweet Girl....hang in there! I have been there and you're stinks! The third trimester breaks you down in ways that shouldn't be fair. I know here is where I should say...."But think of that beautiful miracle, and then it's all worth it" I'm calling BULL CRAP! Yes! Of course Nash is amazing and wonderful and a miracle and EVERYTHING! He's loved so much and he's not even here yet. But....that doesn't make "Making" him any easier. You are amazing! My hero! I never went to work.....I stayed home with every pregnancy and sat on my butt completely beat by pregnancy. You are working a job and working on a baby! You're super lady! My Aunt told me this and it has helped me through a lot of difficult stages in my life...."To everything there is a time and a season" It's TRUE! This season, for you, is for resting (or trying to) feeling exhausted, not having a perfectly clean house, not being so hard on yourself and .....snoring! (yes....I did it too) There will be a time for the other stuff later....and that's okay! I love you so much! Hang in there. It's alright to be down in your doppers a little. Soon this part will be over (even though the sleepless nights make it feel like an eternity!) Hang in there and remember.....A time and a season for everything! Love ya!
    sorry this is so long!


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