Tuesday, April 3, 2012


my life is a never ending cycle of random events.

and my brain is full of random facts/thoughts/etc.

today is dedicated to my random thoughts!

1. you would assume that being at work, by yourself, with nothing going on, watching your new episode of castle on hulu, would be the bomb. and my friends, let me remind you what assuming means! i am bored out of my mind.

2. i literally think i may have actually bored a part of my mind out of my cranium. i swear in the last month or so i've become dyslexic, the thoughts i'm thinking do not come out of my mouth the way i intend. i blame the excessive hulu watching.

3. i made a goal of making home cooked meals for 3 weeks straight. i've just finished my 1st week. and now i feel foolish. because i've been seriously craving me some costa vida. and my goal is preventing me from buying it.

4. i've picked out some fun colors of paint to get samples of--excited to paint my at home salon!

5. how hard is it to make your own website? any one know?

6. its officially summer here now. we had 2 days in the 90's. at least we made it to April.


8. Jace hit his goal of "silver" at work and gets a bonus! I'm so proud of him!

9. I need to start packing snacks to eat while at work...dude. i'm starving right now. like my stomach is going to start eating itself out of sheer desperation.

10. Has anyone seen the movie "BIG YEAR" with Steve martin, Owen Wilson, and jack black? we red boxed it last night and jace and i thoroughly enjoyed it!

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