Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Andrea's Mailbag

Dear Arizona weather:

STAY IN THE 80'S! it has been PERFECT!!!! yesterday we even washed our cars by hand since it was so nice outside...AND THEN we washed 2 more cars that were not ours. If you keep creeping into the 90's and beyond we will not enjoy you so much. So just do yourself a favor and stay in the 80's.

Dear Clint Eastwood:

I love you. I do. But MAN. the movies you direct are SLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOW. We wasted 2.5 hours last night on INVICTUS. Which in my opinion was well done, and well acted. But i struggled to understand half of what they were saying, and the rugby was boring. Rugby should NOT be boring. Which i now end this with: I did not like Invictus.

Dear Target:
Oh how i love you. to the death. SERIOUSLY. I will go to bat for you dear target against anyone who trys to slam you. You are my happy place. and we have converted Jace. He now loves to go and browse your store for kicks and giggles. SERIOUSLY. I never thought that THAT would happen.

Dear Utilities:

It was nice to see low numbers on our bill these past 2 months...it'll be sad to see that end. Until next November low numbers, adieu.

and finally:

Dear Body:
STOP THINKING YOU ARE PREGNANT! SERIOUSLY THIS IS GETTING OLD! I am HOT all the time...the summer is coming, do you want me to melt into a puddle BEFORE JUNE? I am sick of the SWELLING! I had to get my rings re-sized, thank you very much. I feel my fingers swelling and hurting. My feet swell and it hurts to wear heels! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I LOVE MY HEELS!

I'm sick of the gaining of weight, even when i watch what i eat and work out! And on top of all of it, I'm sick of not being able to get pregnant because you already think you are!

And this ends today's session of Andrea's mail bag.

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