Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Attention! Personal AD for you...

Couple seeking other couples to hang out with!
Hi. My name is Andrea. My husband's name is Jace.
We are both turning 25, Caucasian, Latter-Day Saints.
We are interested in finding other married couples to hang out with!
I'm a cosmetologist, and Jace works for Wells Fargo bank.
We love to laugh, watch movies, quote movies, eat good food, play just dance on wii,
and enjoy the outdoors!!!
If you are interested in becoming our friends, contact andrea.
You wont be sorry. We are kinda awesome.


We need friends.

we are totally cool hanging out with each other and being our own friends.

and we totally love our siblings who are our friends.

but we need friends outside of our family!

Help us get out of our current rut!!

my blog is private, and the whole ad thing is a joke.
but the whole needing friends thing is not a joke.

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