Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This last week we have been SO busy! Or maybe it was mostly me. But still, it was ridiculous!

I did 3 emergency haircuts,
went to CosmoProf and Armstrong McCall 4 times,
baked 100 cupcakes from scratch,

also made a TON of from scratch cream cheese frosting to go with them,
dropped them all off at a friends wedding reception,
tried and failed at scheduling a meeting with the bishopric,
went to fountain hills on the 17th to see the green fountain only to have it be too windy,

went scavenging for green shirts at target and walmart,
enjoyed the cooler and wetter weather,
i got my hair all chopped off!,

JHB had a show on St. Patty's day,
helped feed the missionaries on Sunday,
have been to the bank 3 separate times for deposites,
i worked double shifts 3 days this last week and will do it again tomorrow,
i have been anxiously awaiting the release of the new books in all of my series (i have 4 books coming my way starting in MAY)
i read 2 books,
and made a few dinners from new recipes!

I'm hoping this week is a little more calm!
although when all is said and done I'm happy with what i accomplished!

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