Thursday, January 5, 2012

oh irony. how i love thee.

but i really don't. i kinda don't like you! bah.

So...ever been to a car dealership? are they ALL inept and incompetent?? i know i probably am just being a BIT dramatic, but i swear! every single person was unable to understand the situation today!

when we bought our had a scratch down the back. nothing huge. we knew that we could take it in to get it fixed. AND they never made copies of the master keys. so we've only had one. which can get tricky! (like if you misplace it...not saying we did or anything...)

I have changed my work schedule this year, so i get off earlier. In time to pick the car up from the dealer/do what we need.

Right. 2 days ago i called and set it all up. We would bring in the car at 8 or so THURSDAY morning (this morning) and they should have all the paper work and it would NOT be a hassle/big deal.

WRONG. we get there, they have no paper work and the service guy doesn't event think the body guy is coming in today! gr. arg.

We go into the sales and a woman i can barely understand is trying to help us. Finally she does get all the information together, unfortunately it took 30 min longer than we planned and now jace was late for work! on top of that cherry they said they didn't think they could get everything they needed to for our car done in just one day. WHAT?!??!! yeah. you heard me correctly.

I had it set up with my parents that i would borrow one of their cars because jace needed our other one for work. I get to my mom and dads and the car i needed to use was gone! my dad had taken it to work because the car he was going to use had a dead battery! Isn't it almost comical?!

End to this story?? My daddy brought me to work, and my mommy is picking me up. Hilarious. and i still have no clue about my car. They were supposed to call me about 1030AM. Here's hoping its soon! (not that i could do anything about it until jace is done with work. having no car? totally lame and totally inconvenient.)


  1. Oh I sure hear ya on car trouble. We wound up having to pay over $400 in rental cars for that trip and had to borrow Ken's grandpa's car, and I think we finally found a car, but the breaks seem to be going out on our other car (and we just paid over $1000 to have the head gasket fixed) and we are getting less than we had hoped from the insurance on the toyota, and.... you get the picture. Why can't we just blink where we want to go and not have to use stupid cars. Grrrrrr.

    Sorry you are having such a hastle too. Particuarly on a new car is it pretty silly.

  2. That is really sad that you have had so many problems. But throughout this post, I was just thinking how lucky you were to have family around who could drop you off and pick you up. So although it's a stinky situation, there's your silver lining. :)


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