Thursday, January 26, 2012

Logic of Children

So when we announced we were moving to our new Sunday school class (of 4 weeks..who are 7 years old) they were so sad! :( Which made me feel sad and happy at the same time.

(am i evil? it makes me feel good to know that they love us enough to miss us)

One of the little girls looked at me and said, "Well...why are you moving?"
I said, "We need more room; among other things."
She responded, "Are you pregnant?"
I said, "No..."
Then she replied, "If you aren't pregnant then you don't need more room. So you don't need to move."

Touche, little girl. Touche.

1 comment:

  1. Bah ha, how adorable. I guess you could have told her about the bugs:) I was explaining the pre-exsistence to our 5 year old class and one of the little girls looked at me in aww and said "How do you know all this."

    Too cute


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