Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sticks and Stones...

Actually just stones.

Yes, folks. Jace has kidney stones again. JOY. {insert sarcasm here} Poor guy.

Jace and I are totally in a whirlwind of things happening...and we have fallen WAY behind on stuff we planned on doing MONTHS ago!
Alot of our "not so much free time" is stemming from the fact that we are both tired and grumpy by the time evening rolls around so we want to just chill on the couch and watch some movies. And lately i make it about half way through the movie when i realize that I need to be packing. Or washing my hair or SOMETHING!

Our days consist of this right now:


I swear i dont understand how we fit so much stuff into our apartment. I should get an award titled "Tetris Queen" or something. I swear i keep packing totes and bins and moving them out of the second bedroom...but they must've had babies or something because that room is NOT emptying!

Jace is enjoying Wells Fargo already. Hes excited for all the opportunities that he'll/we'll get to have with him working for a bank.

WE GOT NEW PHONES! Jace has seen the light and switched over to Verizon. I dont even know what phone he got, but i got the Droid incredible 2. My brother Jeff has that one and likes it. I like it because its not turning off on me every 5 seconds. Sweet.

We still havent sat down and made our goals for this year. WE WILL do it after we move, even if it kills me! We've talked about how this year is going to be a breath of fresh air for us. Lots of new jobs, new home, new phones, new car (technically we've had that for a few months...), new ward, and new possibilities (getting pregnant, starting Jace in school). Exciting time! 2012 has started off on a very positive note!


  1. Oh no! Poor boy I hope he's ok. Best of luck with the packing and moving.

  2. New phones! So exciting! Sorry about the kidney stones. That does not sound like fun. I love the picture at the end of 2011 washing away. I don't know if you took it, but it's awesome.


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