Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twinkle-toes and Funky-ness

So last night, Jace and I watched part of a home movie that his sister Jen made for him. (Thanks Jen! We really DO appreciate you sending documentation of our lives! Jace was laughing the whole time, it was great!)

And there is this part where 2 year old Jace is "dancing"....dancing in Jace's world is swaying a bit and then belatedly moving his feet. Best part?? His dancing skillz are pretty much the same.
i love it.

On another note....i feel like i've been in a funk lately. "Slam dunk da funk, put it up, put it up..." ((If you know the beat that goes to--5 points for you. If you can tell me what Disney tv movie that was on i'll give you a gold star. Little known fact: gold stars are worth 50 points. No lie.))

I'm not quite sure how to get out of the funk I'm in though. I have a LOT going on in my life. And while I'm not as crazy busy as moms with kids...or even as someone working 2 jobs...i feel that i NEVER have enough time or energy to do what needs to be done!
My to-do list gets erased off of my white board one minute and the next its completely full again!
(Jace commented on it the other day, since he helped me clear it in the first place)

What are some ways that you guys get out of your funks?
I need an intervention!

Well, I'm going to be in the glorious White Mountains for the next few days...I'm hoping that i'll get out of my funk, enjoy the weather, and be silly a bit.
Cameras are going to be up there and I have Melanie (she is the queen of taking pictures) so there WILL be some photo-documentation (phototation??) SOON!

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  1. Andrea, I totally know how you feel. This happens to me all the time. Some ideas...
    1. Service- I know it seems like the last thing you have time for is to do something for someone else, but it is amazing how it can lift your spirits. Forgetting about yourself, and your own to do list is one of the best ways. Don't view it as yet another to do, just be on the look out for something nice you can do, even if only for your husband.

    2. Go outside. We all spend too much time inside. Take a blanket and a good book and just sit by the pool or under a tree and enjoy nature. Soak up some Vitamin D. Doesn't have to be much.

    3. Excercise. Again, try not to see it as just another to do. Do something you enjoy. Swim, ride a bike (bonus cuz you can also be outside) whatever you like.

    4. Church answers. Usually when I am down I havn't felt the spirit for a while. Scriptures Study, Prayer, Temple, conference talks. Reminds you what really matters in life.

    5. Cry. For me, sometimes I just need a good cry. I usually combine crying with praying and let out all my frustrations and insecurities. I vent to heavenly father. He can always make me feel better no longer how long I complain.

    So there are some of my ideas. best of luck.


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