Monday, March 1, 2010


So, i got sick again a few days ago. I've decided that my immune system is completely slacking! I might just fire it if it doesn't shape up.

Jace and the band had a gig the night i was really sick...and so he wasn't home when i put myself to bed (after some soup and a bubble bath!)
He woke me up when he got home and presented me with something to "make me smile". A brand new pair of black heels! What? you didn't read that correctly?? Yes, yes you did!
I couldnt believe it! He says that he was thinking about me and just wanted to get something fun for me. And anyone who knows me, knows my weakness is high heels!!!
mmm i heart him mucho.

Before Jace left for work today, i thought i heard a knock at the door. I went and found a plate of cookies! My mom made Chocolate Chip cookies last night, so i assumed this was her way of getting rid of temptation at her house! However...I just talked to my mom and thanked her for the cookies and guess what?? they weren't from her! We had a mystery cookie dropper off-er! How sweet!!! So thank you to whoever did it! They are nummy.

Today is my day to get my chores around the house done...laundry...weeds...etc.
I got started late because...well i was a lazy bones. BUT already I've accomplished most of my to-do list AND i'm taking a timeout to have an "operation sh..." lunch with my momma. Every now and then we go out to Matta's for lunch, but dont want to tell the boys, so we call it operation sh. :) fyi.

I got my ring fixed and sparkled up again. I LOVE how it looks when it just comes from the jewelers.

My sister Jamie posted like 6 posts that i haven't seen with pictures i haven't seen and they are adorable!!! That was happy.

Last night...we had a giant dog pile on Jeff. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Joe, me, and Melanie were begging Jace to join, but he was too busy trying to pretend that he didn't want to :)


  1. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! We missed you at the gig. Congrats on the heels! Lucky girl. And I'm glad the posts made you happy! Love ya and see you on sunday.

  2. what an awesome husband! I would seriously be in SHOCK if Brint bought me a pair of heels and brought them home to me with out me looking at them and trying them on first! that is seriously AWESOME!!!!!!


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