Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'm trying to do better at not complaining. And to be grateful for what i do have.

1. Life. I'm alive and relatively healthy--one of the biggest blessings i could ask for.

2. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. My uncle passed on Sunday afternoon. While I grieve, I dont grieve in the way others do. Because i KNOW, without a doubt, that he is in good company and that he is happy. He lived a good, and valiant life. He taught his children to be kind, honest, sincere, loving, and so much more and they are the best people i know. He was a second father to me...someone i could always turn to in times of trouble or frustration, of happiness, and pure joy. I'm so glad my Jace got to meet Bruce before the cancer took him away from us. I know that he isnt in pain anymore, and that from time to time he'll be watching over us. Just like he did as the eldest of our family while he was with us on earth.

3. Jace. My rock. Marriage certainly has its ups and downs as you try to meld 2 lives together into 1. Its such an interesting sensation. We have our squabbles...but i know that he loves me with all his heart, just as i do him. And i know that because we are willing to compromise, our lives will be rich. Do you know, he even does the dishes for me?!

4. My mom. She has gone through so much...and it never seems to stop. But you know what?? She is so strong and courageous and good...someone i want to be like. And shes awesome because she keeps giving me stuff even though I'm married and not living at home :) My dad. He works so hard for my family...and trys to use his humor to make us feel better.

5. My brothers--(all of them, Hunt men included). They are all good men. I can say men now because Joe grew up out of no where. They all have soft hearts and I know that i can count on them when i need it. My wight brothers :) are just a little more open and vocal with the mushy gooshy stuff.

6. My sisters. In law. LOL Never having sisters, this is a unique experience for me. I have Mindy, Jamie, Jen, and soon...Melanie. Each so different...and still, i know they care.

7. A clean and organized house. ALMOST! I have tackled ALL of our extra rooms. I now just have to fold the laundry and clean the kitchen and bathroom and my house will be clean!! Yipee!

8. A new doctor. One who is much more optimistic about my condition than my last. I'm starting to feel hope again.

9. Goals. Finishing school, losing 10 lbs before April, saving for a house...having a baby.

10. Excedrin extra strength. Wonderful, wonderful medicine.

11. My Dyson vacuum. 'Nuff said.

12. Rainy days. They make everything smell good...and then make us appreciate the sunny days.

13. Soft and comfy bed sheets. MMMMM

14. A freshly shaved Jace :)

15. An adorable new swimsuit that I bought and will not reveal until almost April...

16. My brother Jeff. For being him, for asking my opinion on rings, for taking my opinion into consideration, and for making me sign up at a gym and offering to go with me.

17. Hearing baby Alyssandra coo.

18. The feeling of accomplishment (cutting Josh, Grace, and Jace's dads hair)

19. Lauren Brimley's pictures. They always make me happy.

20. For love.


  1. you are such an amazing person.
    I remember your aunt, the school nurse @ Franklin East. She was awesome.
    You have such a good outlook on life, even if it isn't like this 24/7 at least it is like this enough for a blog.
    Things get hard, you of all people know that one, yet you still smile.
    Again, you are amazing

  2. This is a good list, and I'm glad that you continue to try to be optimistic. You're a great example to me, and I hope you can always find something to be happy about. I love you, Tickle Queen :)

  3. What a wonderfully beautiful post from a wonderfully beautiful girl...inside and out! I love you so much and I am so happy you're in our family! I am grateful for you!

  4. oh I love this post... sorry about you uncle. that's never anything easy to go through, glad Jace is there for you, it makes it easier!

    Is Jeff already engaged??? we haven't heard anything...


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