Monday, March 8, 2010

Today is brought to you by the number 3!

Grace E. Hunt turned 3 yesterday!!!!

She asked for a "Bear, Heart, Princess cake"...which her lovely mother made for her.

She received TONS of Princess things...
adorable clothes...
fun toys...
cute books...
the mother load of movies...
a pink guitar to be like her daddy!

She was being quite the little stinker until it was time to open presents! She opened mine and Jace's first because it was in princess wrapping. We got her a Mrs. Potts teapot complete with a tea set inside AND a feather boa! ((you cant have a tea party without a feather boa!)) I wrapped them in bubble wrap and i think the adults had more fun with the "poppies!" than grace had with the teapot!

As the night went on, Nana and Andra (me) got makeovers...complete with crowns and lipstick.

Corbin was loving playing with grace's balloons!

((We discovered that Corbin really is a boob man...))

((His daddy is so proud...))

What a fun day! We love you Gracie!!
And great job Mindy!!!

((the tuckered out mommy))


  1. hahahaha! Great post! The boob man stuff really had me giggling over here!

  2. oh my heck look at him look at jeff's "boobs"
    i could die!
    ps. i feel like a failure cousin... i havent' seen grace since the day they got her! :( she's sooo big!


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