Monday, March 3, 2014

Some pregnancy memories

  • I started snoring. Awesome.
  • I didnt really feel movement until 22 Weeks! Jace didnt feel outside movement until 29 weeks!
  • I never did have actual throwing up morning sickness...until this morning at 8 months pregnant where I was vomiting like NON STOP. Now i'm super nauesous. Lovely.
  • I am so beyond swollen in my feet. Its insane. They are so puffy and they hurt! I majorly dislike this.
  • Everyone at work has known about my pregnancy since week 10 (my boss even earlier than that) because i had to miss so much to go to ultrasounds and then I got super nauseous in the mornings and started coming in late.
  • I have had 9 ultrasounds to date so far. I'll have another one in a couple of weeks and then switch to weekly when we get super close to having Nash! I find myself loving the fact that I'm "high risk" only for this reason! Most people dont get to see them on ultrasound more than 3 times if they are lucky!
  • Jace's favorite weird thing that has started since pregnancy is that I accidentally throw things...all the time. So weird.
  • I failed my first glucose test at 30 weeks. I took my 3 hour test at 32 weeks...I havent heard back yet, but I'm praying really hard that I dont have gestational diabetes!

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