Thursday, May 24, 2012

Whats new pussycat?

yeah...i have that song stuck in my head and i have no idea why...but i'm going with it.

i woke up this morning at 4 with a shooting pain in my throat.

and a pounding headache.

had jace give me a blessing so i could sleep.

got up and came into work even though i feel awful.

i've decided that i'm going to the take care clinic (too late to make an appointment with the dr.) as soon as i'm off make sure its not strep. because i need to get on antibiotics if it is. because i'm supposed to be going on vacation, dangit!

jace's cousin logan is getting married this saturday to rosalice in utah. and jace is the best man. and we are really excited to be getting out of the heat.
and on our way home from utah we are going to stop at my family's ranch for memorial day. all of my extended family are going to be up there.
and all of this should be super fun...but not so much if i'm dying.

also, the last time we went out of town and left our hamster she didnt eat for 3 days. She got depressed that we left her. I am now worried about leaving a HAMSTER. Never did i think i would ever ever say that and be serious.

in other news:

Jace is officially 25. 
we even had a party to celebrate.
it ended up just my family and his...and i'm totally okay with that.
although i did stress out making sure everything was clean and that we had enough food even though it was just family.

my niece jane is 6 months today! holy cow. time has sure flown since that little cutie joined our family.

my other niece alyssandra has a respiratory infection. poor thing. she has the saddest voice. but she gets cuddly when she doesnt feel there is a positive that comes out of her being sick.

i have done a TON of haircuts this month! and that makes me happy. i hope that my business stays steady and i pick more clients up! that would be so much fun!

i have done so much advertizing this month for my hair business...i have my own blog, website, new cards, emails, craigslist, texts, and word of mouth. Its alot harder than i thought it was going to be--thats for sure.
(speaking of--little plug here!--all haircuts are just $10! and color services are $20 and highlights are $30 if you make an appointment in May--you dont have to get it done this month, it can be in june...but you do need to schedule in May)

Nothing else too new with us...we feel like we just work and then chill at home.

Saw the Avenger's movie once with my family for FHE, and again this week with Jace's family. And...its a good movie. It makes me laugh.

My little brother went to PROM. Prom people. Holy cow. and today is his last day of school. and then he is a SENIOR. in high school. WHEN DID I GET SO FREAKING OLD?!? WHEN DID HE GET SO FREAKING OLD?!?

Jace and I both are on instagram...i have no clue why jace joins these things (instagram, twitter, facebook) because he NEVER ever looks at them. or posts things.
But i've been using instagram a bit more lately. you can follow me @andihunt

And thats it. that is what is new with us. not a whole lot. lol be prepared for wedding/cabin pictures sometime next week. i'm taking my camera.

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