Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stuff and thoughts

Its been awhile since i've posted...and its been because life has gotten crazy.


i started this post DAYS ago. and i'm just now getting to finish it!

my brother had his birthday on the 19th...and he turned 31. that was the first time i realized that we're getting older! it didnt really sink in until i thought about that. i mean, we are in no way old. we're just starting our lives really. hes been married almost 2 years and now has a beautiful 5 month old. i'm not even 25 yet for heavens sake. but dude. my BABY brother is turning 17 and going into his senior year. that means i'm climbing the age ladder. it just was weird when i really thought about it.

jace and i got callings in our ward! he is our new gospel doctrine teacher! kill me. i am SO glad its him. lol he is so excited and his first lesson went fantastic!

i got called to be the Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. Meaning i'm the person in charge of the Relief Society Nights F.K.A. (formally known as) Enrichment. SIDENOTE: my mom has a friend named Toni and she is hilarious. When my mom was going through chemo AFTER her double mastectomy (yeah shes pretty amazing) she was having trouble referring to her chest since she no longer had breasts. WELL...toni (who is a huge fan of Prince) thought and thought and then said, "AFKAB!" It is your "Area Formally Known As Boobs!" And now whenever i say AKA or FKA (as i just did) i bust out i'm doing right now. lol afkab. hilarious.

BACK to my calling. I'm going to love it. I just know i am. I'm really excited for the next meeting...because we had one less than 2 weeks after i was called so i wasnt too "in the know" with that one. Bring it on! I love planning stuff!

We have been trying to branch out in the ward and in our little community we call home, and we have come up with a few friends! we are so excited!

We started the "Month of Jace , FKA May" a little early this year! There was a deal going on at GameStop where you could trade in your old xbox and any apple items (ipods, ipads) to go towards a new system. Jace's xbox 360 was dying. and we were going to have to get a new one anyways...SO we jumped on the deal and came home with a new xbox 360 AND kinect (which is what he wanted for his birthday) and we have been playing it A TON! The kinect is weird, but also really fun! i am also super sore!

Jace told me a couple of months ago that for my birthday in June he wanted to go on our first ever out of state vacation--just the 2 of us! We decided to go to DISNEYLAND! words can not express my excitement. seriously. I found an awesome deal on tickets last month and just this weekend, found a deal on the hotel and booked it. ITS ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN! So so so so exicted.

I'm trying to get my weight under control. The truth is, i dont know if i can. Not because i cant eat healthy or exercise more...but because of my PCOS. It just adds pounds when i'm not looking! We seriously have been eating so much healthier---for heavens sake, i've been cooking! We've been eating our fruits and veggies! I've been exercising at LEAST 3 times a week! AND i've put on 3 pounds. So frustrating! I'm so tired and so sore too, because i'm doing lots of different workouts hoping that it'll keep shocking my body. And boy howdy, its doing that!

my flowers are still growing! which is a miracle anyways...but they havent started to look like flowers. everyone thinks they are herbs. lol whatever. they arent dead which was my goal!

and now that i have sufficiently rambled, i am done.

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  1. I don't know what you would need to do with PCOS, but counting calories has worked amazingly well for Sam and me. He has lost almost 60 pounds now and I've lost 28. Maybe it will help you? We use the app MyFitnessPal. You can use the website if you don't have a smart phone.


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