Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

This year, as i have been so down in the gutters about not being able to get pregnant, i was praying so hard that the day would be happy as i celebrated the mothers around me, even though i wasn't included. And I'm happy to say that i only had one moment of sadness where i thought, "but...I'm not a mom." and gratefully i stopped my thoughts there before it could transform into a "what if i never get to be a mom?" thought. Ugh. that would've ruined my day.

I instead was able to focus on the Mother's i have around me. 
We have TONS of brand new moms in my ward.
And TONS that have just had babies or are expecting babies.
Basically we just have ALOT of moms in my ward.

I have TONS of friends who have just had babies.
And TONS of friends who have just announced that they are expecting babies.
Basically I have a TON of friends that are moms or are going to be.

I have 3 sister-in-laws who are mommies. 
One celebrated her very first mothers day.

I have a Mother-in-law on a mission.
Who raised 4 kids.
and is totally out of her comfort zone, helping other mothers out on the reservation.

I have a fantastic mother of my own.
She is kind, and loving, supportive, and courageous. 
She gives, gives, gives.

She prays fervently for all of us.
She worries incessantly about us.
She celebrated this mothers day--her first mothers day as a GRANDMA.
She is a great friend. 
She is beautiful.

How could i let myself get down in the dumps when i have all of these great moms around me? Happy belated Mothers day to everyone else out there. You are special and I love you!
(watch this and have it make you cry!)

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