Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb. 14th!

Valentines Day!

My awesome uncle's birthday!

Arizona's birthday!!

And to top it off, it looks like we might see rain here! It went from temperatures in the 80's with lots and lots of sunshine to 60 and all cloudy :) That makes me happy!

My husband has been reminding me that i've been pretty grouchy/really serious lately. I'm going with the reasons of "we had to pack up our life which i did most of on my own, to moving, to cleaning the old place on my own (with a bit of help from my momma!), to unpacking the new place (entirely on my own since jace now works an 8-7 job), decorating, trying to home cook alot of meals, trying (and failing) to clean, jace starting a new job, money being a tad tight at the moment" and all of the other reasons i probably have said.

Well, just like on the Biggest Loser this year, I'm starting my season of NO EXCUSES!

I need to be happier. A bit more silly. A bit more optimistic.
And by golly, I'm going to try.

So I'm starting today. Fresh.
Its a beautifully cloudy and cool day.
A celebration of love.
Of the birth of our awesome state.
and of my awesome uncle.
Its gonna be a good day :)

So enjoy your day everyone! I'm going to do just that.

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