Saturday, February 11, 2012

and an update...

We are almost completely moved in!

2 words. Hallelujah. and {insert heavy sigh here} PHEW! here's the skinny. We moved on the 1st of February. And between the 31st and the 1st i really thought i was going to die due to my brain blowing up. I'd glad i didn't.

Our place now is really nice in the fact that even though we had a bunch of stuff everywhere, we didn't feel too stuffed in.

I really dove head first into unpacking. I would come home from work and until we went to bed i would be unpacking. So i mostly had gone through everything in 5 days. In a week i had put away most of our totes and had furniture where i wanted it. By today, i have stuff up on my walls and my second bedroom mostly put together (MIRACLE!!) I will actually be able to use it FOR hair clients and as a GUEST BEDROOM! Who knew?!

Suffice it to say, I'm exhausted. But extremely satisfied. Today we went to IKEA to look at patio furniture and desks. :) We are very happy right now in our little home. Very happy indeed. Pictures to come once i clean :)

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