Monday, November 15, 2010

Cockroach fiasco

Story numero uno was about the cockroack fiasco. its a funny one. and everyone gets a kick out of it.

I realize now that i have never written down how J proposed. It was very sweet and romantic. You see...i was in CA with my brother over my bday. I was coming home the day after. J and I dont talk on the phone well...not for long periods of time anyway. Our conversations on the phone at best were 10 min (we're lucky to make it to 3 min now lol). Well, he had been calling me every night and texting me saying how much he missed me and how he was counting down the hours till i got home. I had gotten sick and i was a bit more grumpy than i normally am. Because what i said next was just mean. I told him that he needed to get a hobby. face palm now if you will.

He called me and wanted to pick me up at the airport, but i was bringing back a lot of my brothers luggage so i told him that my family was going to get me. (little did i know that he was trying to get me alone) He is not easily put out though...he showed up at the airport with my parents and later took me to "get a frosty" ... in fountain hills! Long story short, he picked the spot by the lake earlier...took me to it, told me that he loved me and didnt want to spend another day without me and asked me to marry him (while our song was playing on his itouch). I laughed. yes. face palm again. i do every time i tell this story.
and then i said yes. and smootched him.

So. fast forward a year. We've been married for 8 months. and he decided that he wanted to recreate the night he proposed at the lake. What we didnt account for was that it had been a fairly wet summer...and cockroaches are drawn to water...
We arrived at "the spot" only to be hit with the most repugnant smell ever. seriously. a fish must have died and been rotting. gross!
so we moved. and then i saw a cockroach land on our blanket. ew. so i hit it away. and got up to move again. as we are doing this i had a hair come loose and work its way into my shirt. ladies, are you with me in HATING that feeling?!?
anyways i go to grab it only to discover that what i thought was a hair was in fact a cockroach escaping into my bosom!
i had jace flick it off, but it circled back and landed on my tricep! ARG!!! i couldnt handle it. i dropped EVERYTHING i was carrying.

Jace asked me to just move to another spot. We were super close to the parking lot at this point and we had the lights illuminating everything for us. Well it was windy and the wind kept catching our neds krazy sub bag and making me go batty. I finally was like, "dude. what is up with our bag? its like its alive!" poor choice of words andrea. Jace and i looked down only to see that it MOVED. without the aid of wind.
We both screamed. he threw the bag away. and i ran for my car.

Worst part? i still had half of my krazy sub in that bag! EPIC FAIL. arent you glad you arent me?!
The end.

Coming soon. The story of the invisible car...

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  1. Oh my freaking grossy nastiness. I screamed twice while reading that. And once after.
    You poor thing.


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