Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday "beams"!!

Jace and I really really love our church calling. We are THE sunbeam teachers :)

They can be such a handful that's for sure. I mean, 6-9 4 year olds in one room...with all sorts of excess energy...wowza.
However, i think its prepared jace and i for future children. We've learned:
  • lots of children's hymns...

  • how to stop a fight

  • how to get them to say sorry

  • how to stop tantrums

  • how to properly administer time outs

  • how to teach of Jesus and his Gospel in words they can understand

  • how to fix boo boos

  • how to console a teary eyed child

  • how to take 6 girls to the bathroom at the same time

  • how much it melts our hearts to have a child say, "you are my favorite person"

  • how good it is to hear the words "i love you so much" from a child

  • how fun it is to have them see you and get excited and start waving!

  • how fun it is to have their parents come up and say that sunbeams is their favorite part of church

  • how fun it is to also have their parents tell you that their child prayed to find something and heavenly father answered their prayer. Just like he did for "Sister Hunt".

  • how to fully LOVE a child, and how wonderful a child's LOVE is.
I'm really really going to miss our beams. here are a couple of pictures from today.

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