Saturday, July 10, 2010

Most magical place in montana

Um. yeah. hi.

So, i kinda have this weakness. And no, its not mocha chocolates from sees candy (mmm) or hugs from my husband :) or even warm towels just out of the dryer. Its christmas decorations. You probably couldnt guess that i have a problem by looking back at my christmas posts. They were super lame. And i didnt really decorate my house this last christmas. It was pitiful. I have slapped my hands and vowed to get back into my normal holiday spirit. I grew up with a mother who loves christmas even more than me.

like, whoa.

Here in the Bigfork of Montana....there is an amazing store. A store i refer to as the Christmas store. And here is why: the whole second story is all christmas. Jace had trouble in there because hes too tall and kept hitting things hanging from the ceiling, and his arms are too long that he kept turning and knocking something over. It was kinda hilarious. Anyways its 4 rooms stock full of christmas trees, ornaments, glasses, plates, knick knacks, and all manner of decoration. Here is the only picture i took because i was too excited and i kept running around the place!

kinda cant wait for November 26 to roll around so i can decorate! (thats the day after thanksgiving...for anyone who hasnt checked their calendars!)


  1. Wow! I'm pretty sure that's where Kara is going to want to be buried! hahahaha! That store looks amazing! So much fun! You lucky girl! Can't wait till you come home!

  2. Yeah, a woman after my mother's own heart. You fit right in.


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