Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bump Progression

 Showing the growth!!

13 Weeks!! This is the week we told the world we were finally expecting!

Growing!! Feeling awesome!

Week 15--needed a change, so I cut about 6 inches of my hair off!

Week 16! Our little babe provided us with an amazing profile picture!!

Week 17--I havent really gained any weight yet! 

Week 18--stopped my metformin and now have gained 4 pounds!

Week 19--still feeling pretty good!

Week 20-- HALF WAY!! I'm gaining weight now. Up about 8 pounds.

Week 21--Found out for sure that our babe is a little MAN! My belly button has officially popped out (weird!) and we went to Prescott and spent the weekend in the snow.

Week 22--Most exciting week since we told everyone we were pregnant...I felt Nash moving around!! FINALLY.

Week 23--Christmas is around the corner and Nash loves keeping mom up at night!

Wee 24--MERRY CHRISTMAS! I woke up really sick--Nash didnt like how much I was coughing. We also had Maternity pictures taken.

Week 25--HAPPY NEW YEAR! I'm still sick, but Nash is growing alot! I'm gaining weight steadily now.

Week 27--Holy Moley. I look huge!! I'm not sleeping hardly at all now...getting up for work in the morning sure is not easy.

Week 28--We keep getting bigger together! Nash scared me by not moving much at all this week.

Week 29! After a big scare, Nash decided to make his presence known to the world! My belly is constantly bouncing around and Jace is LOVING being able to see/feel nash!

Week 30! Only 10 weeks left. We had an ultrasound and boy o boy...I have officially gained 20 pounds! And it shows!! 

Week 31! Valentines day was really fun. Jace had flowers delivered to my work! I bought him a custom watch case (he loved it), and we tried out a new pizza place by our home and it actually was really good! I had my baby shower the day after and we felt very loved and blessed to have so many family members come and support us! Nash also decided that he was going to DROP! I was having a hard time moving at the shower and I couldnt figure out why. When Jace saw me he said. "Um...i'm pretty sure you've dropped." True statement. I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions...guess this kiddo is getting ready to be here! I also had my 3 hour glucose test on Presidents Day. Still dont know the results. WHEW! Busy week!

Week 32: Started swelling a TON. Its hard to walk and I don't fit into any closed toe shoes. Still haven't heard back from my 3 hour test...driving me crazy!

33 Weeks: PASSED my glucose test! However the swelling was so bad that I went in. Found out I have high blood pressure all of the sudden :( Dr. Beck put me on blood pressure meds and hopefully that will help! He doesnt think I'll be going to my due date though.

Week 34--Nash is about 5 pounds! WOW! At weekly appointments now!

Week 35--Nash was measured at just over 5 pounds...doctor told me that I need to stop work and be on bed rest. 2 days later I had my last day of work! Weird. To celebrate mom and I went and got pedicures.

Week 35 and 5 days--SURPRISE!!! Nash Cameron Hunt is born!

And thus ended my first pregnancy quite abruptly...but wonderfully! My baby boy is amazing and I love him!

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