Tuesday, April 8, 2014

36 Weeks!

So...I'm a mom! Surprise for all of us!

Here goes a very funny and not so accurate week 36 post...my final post of being pregnant--bitter sweet!

How far along? 35 Weeks and 6 days
Total weight gain/loss: 35  lbs
Maternity clothes? Yes, but traded in for a hospital gown.
Stretch marks? Yep--they spider webbed all around my poor belly button.
Sleep: None.
Best moment this week: I gave birth! Holy cow...what an experience.

Worst moment this week: The birth was unexpected and we had nothing ready! Especially nothing preemie!
Have you told family and friends: Yes!
Miss Anything? Advil. Sleeping well. Getting out of bed by myself. Normal blood pressure.
Movement: Yes! Love this little guy...he was kicking up a storm right up till I got the epidural and then he was kicking up a storm after he was born.
Food cravings: i'll never turn down curly fries or mint chocolate chip ice cream. Unfortunately nothing healthy! I had a lovely breakfast of french toast and eggs this morning.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Smoke. Fish. or Raw meat.
Have you started to show yet: Yes!
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? officially OUT.
Wedding rings on or off? OFF.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Overly Joyous!!
Looking forward to: Getting out of the hospital, getting my blood pressure back to normal, wearing my wedding rings again, and figuring life out with a newborn!

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